Filtering “Thin Access Points” in a view in Solarwinds NPM

February 26, 2015

On the Solarwinds NPM installation I manage we have several Cisco Wireless controllers, and when making a “TOP XX Wireless APs with Clients” i got the access points from all the controllers, and not just the primary and secondary for the sites I needed for this specific view.

I had a hard time finding any documentation for how to limit a view of this list of APs (like in I did not find any at all)

But the solution was more simple than I actually thought, the list you get is a list taken from the controller, so you are actually not filtering on each specific AP, but on the controller, which means that my filter looks like this:

IP_Address like '<IP of primary wireless controller>' OR IP_Address Like '<IP of secondary wireless controller>'

If you want to filter on specific AP names, IP adresses – then I have yet to discover how to do this

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