Wake on Lan configuration on Cisco Nexus 5500 series

May 12, 2014

I was reading the cisco documentation on how to setup Wake on Lan functionality across VLANs on the Cisco Nexus 5548UP that we have, and it stated pretty clear to use this command on the destination VLAN:

ip directed-broadcast <acl>

Problem was that when trying to apply that on my box when i typed ip directed-broadcast further options just stated <CR> – so i cannot apply an ACL to it, and therefore it will increase the broadcasts on the VLANs where it’s destined.
When reading the documentation for the Nexus I was actually looking at the Nexus 7000, where it stated to use the ACL, so my guess was that there maybe was a difference between the Nexus models, until I today found this article, saying that putting an ACL on ip directed-broadcast was not available before NX-OS v6.0.2 (Check this link)

Unfortunately the recommended software on the 5500 is still v5.2(1)N1(4)

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